Traditional Swedish Pea Soup Recipe

Although rarely served in fine restaurants and almost never appearing on smorgasbords, soups are essential in traditional Swedish cuisine. One soup in particular-ärtsoppa–has a distinguished history. Yellow pea soup has sustained the working class since the age of the Vikings. When Catholicism was the reigning religion of Sweden, ärtsoppa, which is studded with salt pork, … Read more

6 Week Body Makeover – Body Recipe Samples

You shouldn’t have to suffer and starve yourself on a diet. Learning how to eat healthy and occasional exercise is the key to losing weight and keeping off that weight in the future. The 6 Week Body Makeover teaches people how to lose weight by eating the foods that are right for your body type. … Read more

The Secret Recipe of Neapolitan Pizza

[ad_1] The Neapolitan pizza history goes back to the people who wanted to retain the ancient tradition of an authentic taste. The well-secured ingredients include the Italian flour of highly refined nature, San Marzano tomatoes and Mozzarella di Bufala that is fresh mozzarella made in buffalo milk. San Marzano tomatoes are special because they grow … Read more

The Illusion of Jockdom – Recipe for Death

[ad_1] The Illusion of Jockdom is an erroneous belief that muscle power is omnipotent in a self-defense, competitive or hostile engagement. A concept often held and promoted by naïve, self-absorbed, testosterone-laden, and clueless young men devoid of any understanding of combat, battle or war, the Illusion of Jockdom usually afflicts men in their teens, twenties … Read more

Chicken Soup With Chinese Herbs Recipe

[ad_1] Chicken soup has been used as a folk remedy for respiratory illnesses for a long time. In 2000, the scientific exploration of this claim began and has continued. Wikipedia reports, “Chicken soup has long been touted as a form of folk medicine to treat symptoms of the common cold and related conditions. In 2000, … Read more