Because of COVID-19 and the epidemic, many countries have had to take measures to close and quarantine many facilities, especially schools, such as hybrid learning, distance learning, and sudden school closures.

In this article, we will talk about best 6 Tips Back To School Wellbeing   for You and your Kids.

We talk about the differences in entering school this year.


Try to explain how the school might look different based on the guidelines of the school your child attends.  

  Encourage your child to share his concerns and validate his feelings by giving him، try to be the support he needs

2- get vaccinated

For children over 12 years old, it is recommended that they be vaccinated against COVID-19

  By the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the vaccination against COVID-19

  Important for your safety and the safety of your children and friends. It can also help relieve anxiety about exposure to COVID-19 or the flu.

3- be prepared 

Try to be prepared, you and your child, for the upcoming changes, adapt with your child to the new daily routine and organize sleep schedules, and some necessary tools such as masks and hand sanitizer can be packed, and try to teach children how to use these tools. Preparing and adapting with the use of sterilization tools gives For children, feel comfortable and ready and will increase their confidence in the classroom.

4-Be flexible.

In any case, there is no perfection in our lives, so expecting obstacles along the way is a must, as is the case with any transition from one stage to another, with new laws and school protocols.

This will give you plenty of room to act rationally in any emergency and you will be prepared for anything that comes your way.

5-Control social anxiety.

Your child or teen is likely to feel anxious about socializing with peers again face to face.

Remind them of the time they spent together in the past and that they spent more years socializing than social distancing.

From us, they did not lose their ability to communicate with others, as it is an instinct instilled in humans.

  In-person meetings with close friends before the first day can help relieve these feelings.

6-Get a doctor on call.

Be prepared for any emergency that you need medical providers, therapists, and psychiatrists, and prepare for any health concerns with 24/7 access directly from your smartphone, tablet, or computer to medical providers, therapists, and psychiatrists. Whether your family needs urgent care in a matter of minutes or to schedule a treatment appointment, you’ll have peace of mind knowing great care is at hand.